Polyester Batts

Greenstuf Autex Insulation

Harsh climatic conditions combined with ever increasing energy costs, mean that it is imperative to ensure that our homes, commercial and industrial buildings are efficiently and safely insulated. RoofVac Installation of GreenStuf products keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter by up to 60% in any Australian home. This means that you can save hundreds of dollars every year on your heating and air conditioning bill.

Greenstuf insulation is made from polyester which is proven for years in clothing and the toughest climates. Autex Greenstuf is dust free and wont cause any skin of other irritants. Polyester insulation is approved by the Australian Asthma Foundation.

• User friendly – no protective clothing required
• Non irritant – allergy free, non toxic, and safe to handle
• Fire safe – Fire resistant and exceeds all requirments of Australain building codes.
• Vermin Resistant – Fully resistant to insects, vermin, and biological attack.
• Performance – doesn’t absorb moisture, is fully recyclable, and it’s performance is guaranteed.
• Durable – won’t sag or loose it’s loft or bulk over time. 50 year durability appraised.
• Acoustic performance – provides excellent acoustic insulation to keep your home quiet