Earth Wool

Knauf Insulation’s EarthWool® Wall and Ceiling Batts are made from highly resilient, inorganic glass fibres bonded by ECOSE® Technology, a revolutionary new binder based on rapidly renewable bio-based materials rather than non-renewable petroleum-based chemicals. ECOSE®Technology reduces Knauf Insulation binder embodied energy and contains no phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colours found in traditional glasswool insulation.

EarthWool® Wall and Ceiling Batts provide a cost-effective thermal and acoustical barrier for energy-efficient construction. The batts’ consistent quality, low dust, and clean-cutting resilient wool makes installation fast. EarthWool® Wall and Ceiling Batts can be used in timber and metal frame applications in residential structures. These applications include thermal and acoustical treatments to walls, ceilings and floors. Knauf Insulation offers EarthWool® Wall and Ceiling Batts in a wide range of sizes and R-values.

Thermal Conductivity
ASTM C 518 and AS/NZS 4859.1: 2002

Thermal Resistance
ASTM C 653 and AS/NZS 4859.1: 2002

ECOSE® Technology
Knauf Insulation’s EarthWool® products with ECOSE® Technology benefit from a formaldehyde-free binder made from rapidly renewable bio-based materials instead of petroleum-based chemicals which is up to 70% less energy intensive. The technology has been developed for Knauf Insulation’s glass and rock mineral wool products, enhancing their environmental credentials without affecting the thermal, acoustic or fire performance. EarthWool® products made with ECOSE® Technology contain no dye or artificial colours – the colour is completely natural.

Technical Data
Water Vapor Absorption (ASTM C 1104)
• Less than 5% by weight.
Corrosion Resistance (ASTM C 665)
• No greater than sterile cotton.
Microbial Growth (ASTM C 1338)
• Does not support microbial growth.
Fire Resistance (ASTM E 136)
• Non-combustible.

Specification Compliance

  • AS/NZS 4859.1: 2002 Materials used in the Thermal Insulation of Buildings and comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements.


  • Glasswool insulation fibres have been tested in laboratory studies according to EC protocols ECB/ TM27 REV. 7, 1998 and shown to be bio-soluable. KNS3 fibres comply with the short term biopersistence test and fulfill the requirements of Australian and international authorities on biosolubility. EarthWool® has BRANZ certification.

Proven Performance

  • Preferred by professional installers concerned with quality, appearance and productivity.
  • Excellent acoustical properties reduce sound transmission in the home when properly installed in walls, ceiling and floor systems.


  • EarthWool® Wall and Ceiling Batts are odourless, rot proof, non-hygroscopic, do not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria.

Superior Handling

  • Highly resilient insulation recovers quickly to full thickness for a snug fit and superior finished aesthetics.
  • Consistent quality materials feel good, cut easily and install fast.
  • Low dust for easier handling and increased productivity.
  • Convenient Packaging, Easier Handling
  • EarthWool® Wall and Ceiling Batts are packaged in a strong, white poly bag that offers excellent protection from abuse, dust and moisture.